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Mission and Values

Since its foundation in 1989, Université Laval’s Formula SAE team has always vowed to offer a stimulating and fun learning environment as well as experiences beneficial for the future of the students.

Team Work

Innovation and progression are key elements to each member of Université Laval’s team. Indeed, we encourage students to submit their ideas, at any given time, to always obtain better results. Also, help and support from the older and more experienced members allow the transfer of important knowledge to the youngsters so they can fly on their own in the following years.


FormUL always aims to surpass and push back its own limits. Each year, we give ourselves ambitious and attainable goals. They motivate and push us to invest ourselves in continuing our ascension to the summit. It’s by always looking to go further and to renew ourselves that we stand out from the competition and make our place on the international level.


FormUL is way more than a competition. It’s a team of passionate students devoted to the project. They saw in SAE Formula an occasion to put into practice the skills acquired during their classes in a challenging environment.

Sustainable Development

The members of the SAE Formula team are well aware of the environmental issues and believe that the use of green energy such as electricity is a good way to move forward. The construction of an electric car is an excellent way for ULaval Racing to promote sustainable development.

Become a Member

You wish to be part of our team? We organise two recruitment periods per year: at the beginning of the fall and winter semesters. Like our Facebook page to know the dates of information sessions.

You can also send us a spontaneous application at any moment during the semester if you missed the information sessions.

You have to possibility to be involved with differents groups. The choice to be part of a group will not stop you from participating in other work if you wish to.

Aerodynamic :

Design and manufacturing of all vehicle aerodynamic systems.

Dynamic :

On track data analysis and mathematical modeling. Numerical simulation of the car to enhance the design and suspension settings in order to improve our performances on track.

Electronic :

Telemetry, data acquisition, management of all vehicle sensors (linear potentiometers, infrared temperature sensors, pressure sensors, speed sensors, accelerometer, etc.)

Frame and Brake :

Design and manufacturing of the car’s frame and suspension.

Cockpit and Brake :

Design and manufacturing of the car’s ergonomics and braking system.

Electric motors :

Design of the electric motors, battery pack, etc.

Organisation :

Organization of promotional events, sponsorship requests, social media management, website management, organization of competitions, finance management, marketing test.

Active Members

Coming Soon

Previous Members


  • Adam Gauthier
  • Alexandre Deslauriers
  • Charles-David Laliberté
  • Charles Julien
  • Éric Levasseur
  • Felix Bélanger
  • Félix Tremblay
  • Gabriel Fecteau
  • Grégori Marsan-Pelletier
  • Hugo Ouellet
  • Jonathan Gilbert
  • Joé Ruel
  • Jean-Philippe Savoie
  • Jean-Sébastien Mercier
  • Jordan Boisvert
  • Julien Chaffard
  • Mathieu Cavanagh
  • Marc-Antoine Fortin
  • Maximilien Gareau
  • Marc-Antoine Pouliot
  • Nicolas Rivard
  • Olivier Belair
  • Pier-Luc St-Michel
  • Pierre-Olivier Cimon
  • Pierre-Olivier Descoteaux
  • Pierre-Olivier Lachance
  • Remi Rousseau-Pinard
  • Sabrina Caron
  • Samuel Cloutier
  • Samuel Girard
  • Samuel Sirois
  • Simon Dousset
  • William Alain


  • Amin Zabihinejad
  • Charles villeneuve
  • Charles-David Laliberte
  • Cloe Bernier Dionne
  • Daniel Quintero
  • Débora Helena Martins
  • Elisabeth Maisonneuve
  • Emmanuel Bogner
  • François Lemelin
  • Jordan Boisvert
  • Karine Proulx
  • Laetitia Dupouy
  • Lindsay Guei
  • Lydia Desjardins
  • Olivier Bélair
  • Olivier Mercier-Samson
  • Philippe Breton
  • Philippe Létourneau
  • Pierre-Olivier Cimon
  • Raphaël Berthiaume
  • Rémi Rousseau-Pinard
  • Samuel Cloutier
  • Samuel Girard
  • Simon Roy
  • Steeven Neycensas

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